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The Benefits of Having an Insurance Agent
  • The agent gets to know you and your family really well. She can get to know your personal situation really well to make sure you have the correct coverage.
  • The agent can go to bat for you if you have a problem with the company. Claim not moving fast enough? The agent can step in and make a call for you to a claim center supervisor.
  • You have someone to call that can provide you professional advice on the topics that agent is specialized in. Don’t understand investing, liability limits, or annuities? The agent can answer those questions for you.
Benefits..Benefits..and THEN SOME

Having a local auto insurance agent makes many people feel more comfortable with their insurance. Whether it’s buying an insurance policy or filing a claim, a local auto insurance agent can provide advice that only someone who lives and works in your area can. They understand the special risks and possible coverage issues specific to your area (e.g. high theft areas, weather risks, etc.) that you should consider when purchasing an insurance policy. A local auto insurance agent can also help you get the right amount and type of insurance coverage.

Local Auto Insurance Agent: A Personal Touch

In an era when just about anything can be purchased on the Internet, many consumers miss the handshake that seals the deal, and buying insurance from a person you are talking to face-to-face provides peace of mind that you otherwise might not get. Local auto insurance agents offer a personal touch, whether it’s when you buy an insurance policy or file a claim.

Whether an independent insurance agent or a captive insurance agent, your local agent is there to help you. From getting a reminder call when your payment is late, to receiving an annual review of your insurance policy, there is clear value in having a one-on-one relationship with your auto insurance agent.

Many consumers feel more comfortable knowing that should they have to file an insurance claim, the person helping them is already familiar with their specific situation. Your car insurance broker will know about your insurance history, making them your ally in the insurance business. has made finding an auto insurance agent easier than ever. After providing your ZIP code, a list of up to eight agents will be provided to you. You then get to pick which insurance sales agent you want to contact. It’s that simple, and it’s completely free.